Don't Let Storm Damage Lower Your Curb Appeal

Don't Let Storm Damage Lower Your Curb Appeal

Reach out to us for window and siding repair in San Antonio, TX

Major storms can leave your home with broken windows and missing siding. Fortunately, you can turn to the experts at Monterrey Roofing and Restoration, LLC for siding and window repair in San Antonio, TX. We can also replace your damaged windows and siding with excellent products. Contact us right away to get your home back to the very best condition.

Steps to take after a storm

What should you do after a storm has damaged your home? Don't start making permanent repairs until you've spoken to your insurance company. Follow these steps to get your home back in top shape:

1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible.
2. File a written claim.
3. Find out if living expenses are included in your policy.
4. Make a list and take pictures and videos of the damage.
5. Remove standing water and dry wet areas immediately.
6. Protect your home from more damage by covering broken windows and holes.
7. Contact the Red Cross or FEMA for emergency shelter, food or water.

Once you've worked everything out with your insurance company, you can count on us to complete your roof, window and siding repairs and replacements in San Antonio, TX. Reach out to us today to restore your home.